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As part of Amicus Horizon’s Motiv8 Lewisham project, Niblock continue to provide apprenticeship opportunities, and are now into their third year.

As explained by Matt Pritchard, Contracts Manager at Niblock Electrical Services: “Part of our company ethos is to give something back to the community. People often go to interviews and are told they haven’t got any experience. But you need somebody to give you that opportunity”.

Matt explains: “We’re getting our apprentices to do lots of different jobs. We don’t want them to do one thing because an apprenticeship is about experience. If we just sent them to rewire everyday, that’s all they’d know. So we’ve had them working in the office too… We’re there to point our apprentices in the right direction and help them achieve what they want in life”.

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November 18th, 2014

Willow is the only UK charity supporting seriously ill 16-40 year olds by providing positive Special Days. They are solely reliant on the generosity of individuals and companies to fund their work. It was therefore important that Niblock supported a group of individuals from Slough Council in their attempt to raise a considerable amount of money to aid the charity’s work. The group were successful in completing the Eton Dorney Triathlon – and their contribution was undoubtedly greatly appreciated.

Since 1999, the Willow Foundation has fulfilled more than 10,000 Special Days for adults living with life-threatening conditions such as cancer, motor neurone disease, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease. Unfortunately, for many, their Special Day is a final chance to realise a dream. However, it provides an enriching experience that can be shared with all their loved one’s. For other individuals, it also provides a positive focus away from diagnosis and treatment – providing motivation to move forward with their lives.