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  • Florida State University

    Value: £37,142
    Client: Florida State University
    Duration: 6 Working Weeks

    99 Great Russell Street is the home of Florida State University’s London Study Centre, a Grade II Listed Georgian terraced townhouse constructed circa 1960.

    Originally built by Thomas Tufton, the Earl of Thanet, as his grand terrace home (Thanet House), comprising a basement with four storeys – the fourth storey being a 19th century addition.

    Works were designed to restore and preserve the traditional historic features of the building and included:

    • Remedial work to gauged brick arches on rear elevation.

    • Helibeam structural reinforcement system to stabilize brickwork over openings.

    • Helibar crack stitch using single strand stainless steel bars set in grout to isolated areas.

    • Tie and pin back brick arches using dryfix ties.

    • Resin injection using Crackbond TE to brickwork fractures.

    • Locally point defective joints to isolated areas in lime mortar to match original.

    • All remedial work areas ‘sootwashed’ to match surrounding brickwork.