Our Projects


  • King’s College, London

    Value: £144,000
    Client: King’s College London
    Duration: 12 Working Weeks

    Niblock were appointed to carry out Fire Door inspections of approximately 14,000 fire doors across a number of King’s College London sites. This included doors to: offices; fire escape corridors; doors within corridors, service risers and; residential accommodation doors. During the survey, we used the “Traffolyte” door labelling together with the innovative Q Safe Code Electronic Labelling system.

    Each door was allocated a unique ‘Q Safe’ Code, recording the chronological history of the door and all work undertaken. The history of each door can then be ‘read’ by simply scanning with either a smart phone or a web enabled Tablet PC, or its history can be viewed from any internet ready device.

    All Q Safe labelling was individual linked to the ‘As built’ DWG drawing files for full compliance and audit, with the added advantage that all future inspections and/or maintenance can be recorded and monitored using the system including the doors replacement. A key feature is a system alert for routine inspection.