Our Projects


  • St. George’s Hospital – Lanesborough Wing

    Value: £186,000
    Client: St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
    Duration:5 weeks

    Removal of asbestos insulating material within ceiling voids of the ground floor corridor in the Lanesborough Wing. The corridor is a main thoroughfare for access and egress to and from the hospital. Due to the need to ensure ‘normal’ hospital activity could continue within the main corridor, the project was divided into phases, undertaken during hospital closure times over 6 consecutive weekends.

    The hours of work activity covered a continuous period from Friday at 9pm through to Monday morning at 5am.

    Compartmentation works to allow safe removal of ceiling tiles, panels. grid work, insulation and associated ceiling fittings e.g. lighting, alarms, smoke detectors and signage, followed by removal of asbestos containing materials under controlled conditions with an air clearance certificate issued at the end of each phase.