This year marks 70 years since Her Royal Majesty The Queen acceeded to the throne.

70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom.

We may not ever have an employee match this incredible milestone figure, however, The Pitt family are close contenders. This year, they will be celebrating 95 years of service to Niblock between them!

Myles Pitt joined Niblock over 7 years ago, proudly following in the footsteps of his Father, Marcus, and Grandfather, Bob, who both joined the team in 1980 and 1964 respectively!

With Marcus approaching his 43rd year with Niblock, he is closely catching up to his Father’s impressive 45 years of dedication to the company before he retired in 2009.

We are extremely proud to have had three generations of the Pitt family work for Niblock and are grateful for all their contributions over 95 years of employment. Their continued commitment reflects the traditional values we hold and is a testament to the culture and work ethic within our whole team.

In 2025, The Pitts will reach the 100 year milestone, an event that we as a company will definitely be celebrating!