Earlier this year, Katie, our Business Development & Social Value Manager, partnered with Construction Youth Trust to carry out a workshop with a group of sixth form students. The session focused on professionalism and aimed to teach the young people about the key skills they will need in order to successfully navigate the world of work, including:

  • Key values as an individual and in the workplace.
  • Workplace etiquette and how to uphold professionalism.
  • Communication with colleagues and external clients.
  • The importance of networking.

“Katie played an integral part in this fun and lively session, introducing herself and the work of Niblock confidently, while encouraging engagement from the young people throughout. We covered a range of topics including how to demonstrate integrity and respect in the workplace and Katie gave excellent examples of how to deal with various workplace pressures all while remaining polite and professional. It was clear the young people appreciated the insights she could offer.” – Charlie Dawson, Schools and Programme Coordinator, Construction Youth Trust.

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