This week, as part of National Career’s Week (6th-11th March 2023) we will be highlighting some of the recent careers events we have been involved with, aiming to help young people explore their career options and providing them with valuable feedback as they prepare to enter the working world.

Mock Interview Workshop – Construction Youth Trust (CYT)

We recently attended the Construction Youth Trust offices to carry out a Mock Interview Session with a group of young NET’s (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training). In this session, the interviewers asked the interviewees a series of questions based around the role/profession they are interested in starting a career in. We were then able to provide constructive feedback on the following:

Body Language/Eye Contact

Fullness of Answers


Appropriate Clothing for Interviews

We hope that the tailored and direct feedback has reduced any possible anxiety about the interview process and has boosted the confidence of the young people as they apply for different job opportunities.

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