Following #MensMentalHealthWeek, we wanted to share some information about a workshop we attended that we were kindly invited to by #TheCliveSmithFoundation
The workshop was run by Ryan Parke, founder of #TheMensCoach
Together with a roomful of leaders, we looked at the main factors that influence male wellness and key strategies men can use for better mental health, physical health and life expectancy! 
Ryan’s workshop is based on evidence from ground breaking studies and science. He focuses on the endocrine system and the role it plays when it comes to mental health. 
We learnt a lot from Ryan at #TheMensCoach and would recommend his workshop to everyone – men and women. It was a real eye opener, providing essential information about how you can support a friend, family member or colleague in need, which is vital when 3/4 deaths from suicide in the UK are Men! 
A big thank you to #TheCliveSmithFoundation for inviting us and Ryan Parke for preparing such an inclusive (and what we think should be an essential) session in the mental health industry for everyone! 
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