Today is World Mental Health Day! 
To better understand what we as a business can do to improve our policies surrounding mental health, we took part in an interactive and engaging Mental Health Training Session hosted by Mates in Mind Charity and Peter Kelly this morning focusing on mental health in the Construction Industry in the ‘eye of the storm’ – post covid pandemic and during the cost of living crisis.

Discussions focused on how to make our strategies preventative rather than simply reactive and what we can do to further break down the stigma surrounding poor mental health. We also discussed how psychosocial risk factors are directly related to the frequency of accidents in the workplace and the importance of managing these to improve health and safety on Construction Sites.

Questions included:

🌟 How can we create a healthy workplace?
🌟 How can we control psychological risks at work?
🌟 How can we shift the emphasis to encourage men to talk about their mental health?
🌟 How can we better express ourselves and show compassion in response to a colleague conversing about their mental health?
A clear message we took away from the session: instead of simply supporting poor mental health and wellbeing, we need to optimise mental health and well being. #Thriving and not just #surviving.

#thereisnohealthwithoutmentalhealth #beamate